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Competitive Results – Chilliwack Festival 2016

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Congratulations to our senior groups on a successful first competition! We are all eager and excited as we head in to Peak Invitational today! Please see below for our dancers’ notable achievements over the past few weeks:

Angel Freed Contemporary Ballet Solo 13 yrs – 2nd
Angel Freed Contemporary Solo 13 yrs – 3rd
Kelsey Mizon Contemporary Solo 16 yrs – tie 2nd
Kelsey Mizon Modern Solo 16 yrs – 3rd
Katrina Sanderson Modern Solo 17 yrs – tie 2nd
Company Jazz “Seven Nation Army” – 2nd
Company Lyrical “Soul Suckers” – 1st & “McAlpine Design Group” Trophy as well an invitation to perform in the Honours Performance (Honours Concert Trophy)
Apprentice Stage “Celebrity Jeopardy” – 3rd
Company Stage “Johnson Family Meeting” – tie 3rd
Company Tap “Water Fountain” – 2nd
Apprentice Modern “Stay Awake” – 2nd
Company Contemporary “To Be Continued” – 1st
Company Modern “Ambeoid” – 2nd
Stephanie Bringeland & Jenna Yarr Stage Duo – 3rd
Kelsey Mizon Lyrical Solo 16 yrs – tie 2nd
Pre-Company I Modern “Eventide” – 1st

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