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Competitive Results – Peak, Surrey 2016 (Updated)

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Congratulations, dancers, on an amazing week! You should all be very proud of what you have accomplished! And now we get to celebrate with a Pizza Party, thanks Peak!

Bold items are updated results!

Level 3 Final Top Tens:
Desiree Marno Hip Hop choreographed by Dana Dixon

Level 4 Final Top Tens:
Chantal & Miranda Stage choreographed by Jordan Allarie

Level 5 Top Tens:
Kelsey Mizon Modern choreographed by Loretta Sramek
Kelsey Mizon Contemporary choreographed by Jordan Allarie
Jenna & Stephanie Stage choreographed by Jordan Allarie

Sessional Choreography Award:
Loretta Sramek for Company Modern “Ambeoid”
Jordan Allarie for Company Lyrical “Soul Suckers”

General Awards:

Mia Bromley Hip Hop – 1st
Pre-Junior Jazz “Jungle Craze” – 4th + Spirit Award
Emma & Robyn Jazz – 2nd
Erika & Rylee Jazz – 3rd
Kate Hunter Jazz – P
Maleyna McQuillan Jazz – 3rd
Marley Rehm Acro – 2nd
Junior Jazz “That Man” – 3rd
Junior Hip Hop “Catch Me If You Can” – 4th
Juliane Kealy Stage – 2nd
Competitive Musical Theatre “Revolting Children” – 2nd
Desiree Marno Hip Hop – 1st
Aidan Sheldon Jazz – P
Hailey Poole Jazz – P
Ella & Evie Jazz – P
Pre-Company III Jazz “Ain’t Nothing Wrong” – 1st
Intermediate Teen Hip Hop “Salute U” – P
Pre-Company III Stage “Broadway” – 4th + Spirit Award
Evie Tyrell Lyrical – P
Juliane & Orlagh Lyrical – 1st
Hailey & Maya Stage – 2nd
Desiree & Serena Stage – 4th
Kate Pulfer Contemporary – 4th
Alicia Hartree Contemporary – P
Karine Shih Lyrical – P
Chantal & Miranda Stage – 2nd
Pre-Company II Hip Hop “Pound The Floor” – 1st
Junior Breaking “B.O.S.S” – 3rd
Pre-Company III Tap “Get Down” – 2nd
Intermediate Teen Jazz “Ex’s And O’s” – P
Intermediate Teen Contemporary “Beneath The Sun” – 3rd
Pre-Company I Lyrical “Gravity” – P
Jenna & Stephanie Stage – 1st + Spirit Award
Company Modern “Ambeoid” – 3rd
Adult Stage “Freedom” – 1st
Jenna Yarr Lyrical – P
Yasemin Demirbas Lyrical – P
Alison & Jenna Jazz – 1st
Finnley O’Brien Lyrical – 4th
Pre-Company I Stage “Hook” – 3rd
Apprentice Stage “Celebrity Jeopardy” – 4th
Makena Searle Contemporary – P
Caitlin Wilson Contemporary – 1st
Pre-Company I Jazz “C’est Parti” – 4th
Apprentice Jazz “Fixated” – 4th
Company Contemporary “To Be Continued” – 2nd
Caitlin Wilson Lyrical – 4th
Kelsey Mizon Modern – 2nd + Spirit Award
Katrina Sanderson Modern – P
Apprentice Contemporary “In Between” – P
Serena Kealy Tap – 2nd
Alison Jope Contemporary – P
Yasemin Demirbas Contemporary – P
Apprentice Hip Hop “Track 7” – 2nd
Kelsey Mizon Contemporary – 1st
Kelsey Mizon Lyrical – 2nd
Pre-Company I Contemporary “Unbreakable” – 3rd
Company Jazz “Seven Nation Army” – 2nd
Apprentice Lyrical “Halo” – 3rd
Company Stage “Johnson Family Meeting” – 3rd + Spirit Award
Katrina Sanderson Contemporary – P
Stephanie Bringeland Contemporary – P
Company Tap “Water Fountain” – P
Company Lyrical “Soul Suckers” – 1st
Emma Sove Contemporary – 1st
Pre-Company I Modern “Even Tide” – 4th
Apprentice Modern “Stay Awake” – 3rd
Company Hip Hop “The Come Back” – 1st

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