November 24,

Competitive Results – Vibe, Kelowna

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Vibe, Kelowna

High Scores:

Highest Scoring Junior Duo
Desiree & Destiny Marno Musical Theatre Duo

2nd Highest Scoring Junior Group
“L’il Executives” Pre-Company II Hip Hop

Dancer Of The Day
Angel Freed

Choreography Awards:
Zac Vran “L’il Executives” Pre-Company II Hip Hop

General Awards:

Kelsey Mizon Student Choreographed Solo – Platinum
Kelsey Mizon Student Choreographed Small Group – Platinum & 2nd
Samantha Berringer Contemporary – Gold
Catherine Wade Contemporary – Silver
Pre-Competitive Jazz “Route 66” – Gold
Company Jazz “I Do What I Love” – Platinum & 2nd
Pre-Company III/Junior Hip Hop “Cooties” – Gold, 3rd & Adjudicator’s Choice Award for “Spookiest”
Pre-Company II Hip Hop “L’il Executives” – Platinum & 1st
Kelsey Mizon Lyrical – Platinum
Angel Freed Contempoary – Platinum
Paige Passmore Contemporary – Platinum
Competitive Breaking “Boss Krew” – Silver
Cabrinha & Emmett Hip Hop – Gold & 1st
Junior Jazz “Shaking The Room” – Gold
Angel Freed Lyrical – Platinum & 2nd
Company Contemporary “Seasons” – Platinum & 2nd
Apprentice/Pre-Company I Contemporary – Gold
Company Modern “Tied In Knots” – Platinum & 3rd
Kelsey Mizon Modern – Gold
Breanna Bell Contemporary – Silver
Kate Pulfer Contemporary – Silver
Chantal Scott Contemporary – Gold
Natalie Catroppa Jazz – Silver
Emilie Fast Jazz – Silver
Juliane & Orlagh Jazz – Gold
Company Tap “Sasha Fierce” – Silver & 3rd
Pre-Company III/Junior Tap “Señorita” – Gold
Alicia Hartree Contemporary – Silver
Erika Slaunwhite Acro – Silver
Maleyna McQuillan Jazz – Gold
Intermediate Teen Hip Hop “Music Is All We Got” – Silver
Destiny Marno Character Ballet – Gold
Serena Kealy Lyrical – Silver
Mia Bromley Hip Hop – Platinum
Rylee Gordica Hip Hop – Gold
Emma Marsden Hip Hop – Silver
Desiree Marno Hip Hop – Gold
Apprentice/Pre-Company I Lyrical “Let It Be Me” – Gold
Desiree & Destiny Musical Theatre – Platinum
Juliane Kealy Contemporary – Gold
Desiree Marno Contemporary – Gold
Cayce Niemelainen Tap – Gold
Cabrinha & Miranda Contemporary – Platinum
Aidan Sheldon Jazz – Gold & Adjudicator’s Choice Award for “Contagious Energy”
Co/App/Pre-Company I Stage “Beautiful” – Platinum
Isabella Hayashi Lyrical – Gold
Pre-Company II Tap “Partyman” – Gold
Alaina Haddock Hip Hop – Platinum
Kate Pulfer Hip Hop – Platinum & 3rd
Juliane & Orlagh Lyrical – Silver & 3rd
Finnley O’Brien Lyrical – Silver
Pre-Company III Jazz “The Lost Girls” – Platinum
Pre-Company II Jazz “Awake” – Gold
Chantal & Miranda Stage – Platinum
Company Lyrical “The Light” – Platinum & 2nd
Desiree Marno Tap – Gold
Adult Performing Stage “Cell Block Tango” – Platinum & Adjudicator’s Choice Award for “Most Entertaining”
Serena & Kate Tap – Gold
Marley Rehm Jazz – Gold
Kate Hunter Stage – Silver
Juliane Kealy Stage – Gold
Finnley & Emma Contemporary – Gold
Serena & Desiree Stage – Platinum & 1st
Apprentice/Pre-Company I Jazz “Got Your Number” – Gold
Intermediate Teen Jazz “Another One Bites The Dust” – Silver
Apprentice/Pre-Company I Modern “The Audience” – Platinum, 3rd, & Adjudicator’s Choice Award for “Great Concept”
Intermediate Teen Contemporary “I Know You Care” – Gold
Competitive Musical Theatre “No Phones Allowed” – Platinum
Apprentice Hip Hop “White Noise” – Platinum
Pre-Company II Stage “The Mad Scientist” – Platinum & 3rd
Kelsey Mizon Contemporary – Platinum
Emma Sove Contemporary – Gold
Pre-Company II Lyrical “Fields Of Gold” – Gold


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