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Once our Dance Season is under way, we like to have a clear commitment for the remainder of the year. Why?

The Spiral Dance Year End Recital offers a performance opportunity that is as close to a professional experience your child will get at this training level. The preparation for this spectacular annual event combines all of the elements:

2019 Dates:

Recital Dates – June 18, 19, 20 2019
Dress Rehearsal – Thursday June 6th 2019

All held at the Bell Performing Arts Centre in Surrey

Competitive Picture Day: January 27th 2019

Recreational and Competitive Ballet Picture Day: Sunday May 26th 2019

Bell Centre for Performing Arts
6250-144th St, Sry.

Tickets@ Bell Centre Box Office
Phone: 604-507-6355
Seating plan:

NEW: Order Online…

click show link: by tickets now and follow prompts

Tickets for 2019 Recital on sale – June 4, 2019


$6.00 Dancers (valid only on night they are performing)

$20.00 Adults

$16.00 (Seniors and under 12)

High Definition Recital Videos: SLV Live
Contact:  Shawn Lam
office: (604) 554-0250

Online viewing and download link:

Technical details: Everything is filmed, edited, and delivered in HD.

The video files are H.264 encoded mp4 video files and are designed for playback on computers, tablets, iPhone and Android smart phones, HDTVs and similar devices.

2019 Recital Videos

• Back by popular dance student and parent demand, Spiral Dance Co has negotiated a studio purchase price for this year’s High Definition Dance Recital Videos with Shawn Lam Video.

• The cost per student is extremely reasonable at only $20 per student and includes access to all three 2019 recitals.

• This works out to under $7 per recital, is 50% the cost of a single recital video at the 2014 price of $40 per recital, and only 17% of the cost of purchasing all the recital videos.

•The recitals videos will be available for online viewing at 1080P HD. You can watch the online version on your computer, HDTV with a streaming device, laptop, tablet, and smart phone.

• You are also encouraged to download a 1080P copy of individual dances for your archive copy and for higher quality playback on your computer or HDTV. Tablet and smart phone friendly download versions are also available.

• The $20 fee per student will be invoiced by email. Because of this special pricing and significant savings, pricing is per student and not per family or on the number or recitals you dance in.

CHOREOGRAPHY: Your child’s teacher specifically choreographs a dance number that reflects as many elements as possible of what your child has learned through-out the year. Generally, the instructor will start the choreography by the middle of the Winter Session.

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Your child will get measured for costumes by the end of November early December. All the sizing for costumes that are to be ordered, have to be ready by January 1st at the absolute latest. The companies we use are very reputable companies that offer dance costumes for a very reasonable price. We also have amazing seamstresses and it is important that we give them ample time. Once a child’s costume has been ordered, the parents are responsible for the cost of that costume, even if the child leaves the class before the year-end recital.


Spiral tries their best to keep costume cost down to the bare minimum. We still like to make the costumes look extra special and whenever possible have some aspect of the outfit that the students can wear again. We take a deposit for the costumes by November 15th. You can expect to be billed for the remainder by May. A costume costs usually within the range from $55.00 to $85.00. Occasionally depending on the concept of the choreography you may get off extra cheap with a visit to the Sally Anne Store, or the cost may be just slightly over the $85.00 mark. The bonus however, especially for all of our very busy life styles, you don’t have to worry about sewing a thing, aside from possibly hemming a pair of jazz pants.


In conjunction with this event, we hold a picture day at Spiral Dance. You have the option (under no obligation) to purchase a group photo and an individual for a reasonable package price. These photos are available for purchase at the Dress Rehearsal and on show days. Your child (if in one class) will perform on one of the performance dates only. All three shows are different. You may ask how and why? Spiral Dance has over 450 students, so in order to not have our shows more than 2 hours long, we hold three shows.


We are very fortunate to be in a new Theatre right here in the Surrey area. The Bell Centre for the Performing Arts is a huge 1200 seating capacity theatre located in the Sullivan Heights Secondary School. 6258 144th Street just down the road from the Surrey Municipal Hall.

Now that you have a basic overview of what your year is like with us at Spiral, especially the general idea of the Year End Recital, you can appreciate the amount of organization that goes into the preparation of this event. That is why a commitment from September to June is something we ask you to confirm with us.

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