November 24,

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LOBBY: Our facility has a comfortable office/reception area,with a viewing window into the main studio.

CHANGE AREA: A large change area has cubbies, coat racks, benches, 2 bathrooms, and play area to keep younger siblings occupied.

MAIN STUDIO: The main studio (studio A ) is a 1200 square foot room with full length mirrors, sprung floor, ballet barres, and a 20 ft. ceiling with ceiling fans. The north wall has frosted bay windows and doors to let in lots of natural light while maintaining privacy.

STUDIOS B & C: There are also two 800 square foot studios that occupy the upstairs mezzanine space. (studio B & C ).

Each have full length mirrors, ballet barres, wooden floors, and windows that over look the main studio, again allowing for lots of natural light.

A large commercial grade air conditioner unit keeps the facility cool on hot days or can be put on fan to circulate fresh air.

STUDIO D: In 2011, to meet growing demand, we built a new 1400 square foot studio in the same building, Unit 1475, that we call Studio D.

STUDIO MURAL: An artistic feature of the studio is the 25 by 20 foot wall mural painted by local artist Serge Dube, on the main studio wall. This beautiful mural depicting an outdoor performance space complete with dancers and audience is like a walk-in extension of the room.

Serge has captured a sense of tranquility through his use of colors and an open continuum through his use of dimension. I feel this mural has captured not only the very essence of Spiral Dance, but helps on a subliminal level to get into the zone for creativity.

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