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Ballet Dancers


Entering and Exiting:

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before class start time.

Enter through dancer door. Exit through office door.

**Company students in studio A, will now enter through exterior studio door (door into parking lot). Please bring belongings into the studio and place at distanced spots around exterior of room.

Student must sanitize hands when entering and exiting building.

Remove shoes and leave in lobby, all other personal items bring into class and place on distanced spots.


All high touch surfaces cleaned frequently.

Ballet Barres and floors cleaned and sanitized after every class.

Washrooms cleaned after every use.

Throughout studio:

No parents in studio.

Masks required for everyone entering the studio over 5 years of age. 

Please bring no extra items to studio. Only what is necessary for class.

It is mandatory for all Hip Hop and Break dancers to have a clean pair of runners/sneakers designated for their class. These shoes are strictly "inside shoes" and are not to be worn outside. 

No changing at studio. Unless coming straight from school.

Please bring your own water bottle. No refill available in studio.

2 meter distant at all times while coming in/out and moving in the studio.

If parents are dropping off food for your dancer, it is crucial it is dropped off with office staff, who will deliver it to students.

Dancers are not allowed to leave the premises and come back into the studio (ie. going across to Red Rooster). If your dancer want/need to go to the store please have them go prior to entering the building.

If you feel sick or have any symptoms, PLEASE stay home!

If you or a immediate family member have been told to self isolate or are awaiting test results PLEASE stay home. 

If you become unwell while at the studio please inform your teacher right away. They will then direct you to gather your belongings and head into the office to contact a parent to be picked up right away.

Covid Protocols: About
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