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Ballet Dancers


Registration Fee:

$50 per family. Due July 1, 2023.

Non-refundable / Non -transferable

Costume Deposit:

$65 / class due Nov 15th, 2023

Final costume payment is due April 27th, 2024

Video Fee:

$25.00 / student or $35 per family.

This fee will be applied to the final costume payment.

Cancellation Policy:

$50 Cancellation fee if for any reason you or your child is unable to continue in the program.  Remainder of costume fee will be required if student withdraws after Dec 1st, 2023.


Yearly or monthly option:

45 minutes class:     $  52.50 plus gst monthly

                                 $  525.00 plus gst yearly

1 hour class:             $  63.00 plus gst  monthly

                                 $  630.00 plus gst yearly

1 hour 30 min class    $ 80.00 plus gst monthly

                                    $ 800.00 plus gst yearly 

Fees are calculated on a yearly basis and divided into 10 equal monthly payments. 

1. Dancers should arrive five (5) minutes before class start time, appropriately dressed. Dancers should use this time to change into the designated footwear prior to class start. Punctuality and attendance are required.

2. Dancer’s hair will be secured from the face.

3. Parent viewing weeks – You are invited to attend your son/daughters class and observe from within the classroom. Teachers will open their doors for you to observe the growth and development of your dancer. Friendly reminder to please move quickly and quietly up/down the stairs as there are classes in progress. Due to limited space, parents only please.

4. Dancers must behave appropriately at all times. Excessive talking, abusive language, rude behaviour is not permitted.

5. Gum is not allowed at any time in any classroom. Food or beverages are not allowed in the classrooms during class. The instructor will permit water breaks when necessary.

6. Dancers are to remain in the change/wait area prior to class start.

7. Dancers are to be picked up within 5 minutes of class dismissal. Spiral Dance studio will not be responsible for students who leave the premises, for any reason. Please ensure that your child knows to wait for you inside the studio.

8. Classes cancelled due extreme weather will have to be forfeited. Classes cancelled by the studio will be re-scheduled. Make-up classes are not available when missed due to illness or other attendance problems. Payments will not be reduced due to absences.

11. Each instructor reserves the right to sit a child out of any class, if any of the above policies have been violated.

12. It is important to us to hear from you if you have any concerns or inquiries regarding your child’s progress. Please do not hesitate to talk to your child’s instructor or Director.


1. Payment for all classes is required prior to classes starting. A $10.00 surcharge will be applied to any accounts with late payments.


Credit Card payments automatically withdrawn. Post dated cheques required before the start of the first class. 

Monthly - 1st day of each month September 2023 to June 2024.

Yearly - One payment date September 1 2023.

Fees are calculated yearly and divided into 10 equal payments. There are a  minimum of 32 classes.

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