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Over two decades have passed since Spiral opened its doors in a one room studio located on King George Hwy. To accommodate the growing clientele, Spiral moved to its current location on 1471 Stayte Road in White Rock in 1996.

It was its owner and renowned choreographer, Loretta Sramek’s passion for dance and love of teaching that started the magnificent legacy Spiral continues today. She set in motion a cycle of nurturing young dancers to carry on their love of dance, often becoming young teachers, returning to Spiral to give back to the “home” that gave so much to them.

Loretta fittingly dubbed her studio after the ancient symbol (the spiral): a continuum that signifies the movement of energy. It is this mind set of positive energy to promote positive results that has been the mantra and philosophy for Spiral Dance Co. Surrounding herself with like-minded highly qualified professional teaching faculty, Loretta prides herself in offering new and continuing students a positive atmosphere that promotes self -esteem, creativity, strong technique, personal growth, as well as fun!

Pre-Dance Programs are one of Spiral’s specialties and has always had a strong presence in the curriculum. “These first introductory years are so crucial to a child’s development. Our training in Brain/Movement patterning develops kinesthetic awareness and influences brain development for academic learning.

“There are classes for those adults who always wanted to learn how to dance but never had the chance, as well as more advanced adult classes for those who had earlier training and wish to return to dance.

I am grateful for all those who have left their footprints and sweat on the studio floors, walls, mirrors and ballet barres.

Inside these studio walls is where incredible moments of creativity, vulnerability and connection have happened. Where the dedication, hard work, team effort and group bonding have made for life long memories. Two decades later, I have some of my graduating dancers bringing their children to me to teach. I relish in having that opportunity to gently and lovingly introduce them to the world of dance and creative expression.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my clients past and present for the opportunity to share my heart, and passion.”

Loretta Sramek
Artistic Director

 In January 2021 former Spiral teacher Alexandra Severyn and former Spiral dancer Jenae Kassam partnered to continue Loretta's legacy when they purchased the studio. 

Alexandra Severyn worked at Spiral Dance for 12 years and started at the age of 17 when Loretta first opened her doors at the first Spiral location on King George Hwy. She is mother of 3 daughters, all who dance at Spiral currently.  Spiral was a natural choice for her daughters, because she knew the philosophy in teaching dance was to nurture and create an environment where her daughters would feel at home. A place where friendships would and could became like family. The pause (due to Covid) of her staffing agency and her role as Manager of the BC Felions Danceteam of the last 16 seasons opened up the opportunity to take on this new exciting venture of becoming co- owner and director of the studio.With her my past experience and knowledge of the industry having run a successful business and working productively with staff and clientele is an integral part of her experience. The knowledge she has gained overtime in a leadership role will be key in navigating the future of Spiral Dance.

 Her mantra has always been us working together, rather than for one another, which has been integral to the ongoing success in her role with her staffing agency and the BC Lions.

Jenae Kassam danced with Loretta when she taught and directed dance at 1321 Fitness and Dance studio in White Rock. When 1321 closed its dance program, Jenae came to Spiral Dance when it opened at King George Hwy location. She was a Senior Company dancer at the time and was given a Teachers Assistance role with Alexandra in one of the younger dance classes. Who would have known they would come to take over Spiral together in the future! Jenae has 2 daughters with her youngest currently in the competitive program at Spiral Dance Co. Jenae turned her knowledge of being on the stage to working behind the scenes with PRP productions. She spent years working with them backstage on large scale live events and gained invaluable experience. Upon completion of her business diploma from BCIT she joined Global Television as an associate producer on the Show of Hearts Telethon spending several years in production.  With her Business degree in mind, she pursued a lifelong love of fashion and opened her own clothing store here in South Surrey. This gave her the ability to build a business and really understand entrepreneurship. 

We are ever so grateful for your support and will rise to the challenge to earn your trust and confidence moving forward.

Overjoyed and so excited for the future of this next chapter. Onwards and upwards from here.

With Gratitude,

Alex and Jenae

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