The dates for the Spiral Dance year end show for 2021 are currently:

June 15,16,17th, 2021

with the dress rehearsal on

June 4th, 2021

As we navigate through the Covid-19 regulations and restrictions we will keep our clientele informed of any year end show modifications.

We are hopeful that we can once again return to the theatre with friends and family in attendance. Should that take longer than June, we will modify the plan to a 2 day in theatre videotaping. 

Each class will have a time slot to perform at the Bell Centre and have the opportunity to be in costume ( including hair and make-up) while being videotaped on stage.

Once we have a better indication at the beginning of 2021 of what restrictions we are facing ( if any) we will put forth our detailed plan for the year end recital be it with an audience or without.