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For more information or to set up an assessment please contact our office at (604) 541-2800 or

Spiral Dance offers a more intensive program for those students who show a strong natural ability in dance.

 * New this year Competitive and Company Programs. *

Registration for all competitive programs is done through assessments set up through our office. Please call (604) 541 - 2800 if you are interested in more information or setting up an assessment. 


A Background in dance is needed to be eligible. Several years of experience in both Ballet and Jazz are basic requirements, additional styles are an asset.

Spiral Dance has many different programs, below is an outline of the different ages and levels of competitive programs. Our basic requirement for a student entering a company program is that they have Ballet, Jazz Technique, and Jazz Choreography. Other genres of dance are added as the level/age increases. See below for a full outline.


Intermediate Teen Hip Hop, Intermediate Teen Contemporary, Intermediate Jazz, Intermediate Hip Hop.


PETITES: Ages approximately 7- 9 years: Minimum class requirements: Jazz technique, Jazz choreography and RAD ballet. Optional Tap classes.

MINI: ages approximately 8- 10 years: Minimum class requirements: Jazz technique, Jazz Choreography, Lyrical Choreography and RAD ballet. Optional Tap, Hip Hop and Acro classes.

JUNIOR: ages approximately 9-12 years: Minimum class requirements: Jazz Technique, Jazz and Lyrical Choreography and RAD Ballet. Optional Tap, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Acro classes.

PRE -APPRENTICE: ages approximately 11-14 years: Minimum class requirements: Jazz Technique, Jazz / Lyrical / Contemporary Choreography and RAD ballet. Optional classes include Pointe, Modern,Hip Hop, Tap, Stage and Acro.

APPRENTICE: ages approximately 13-16 years: Minimum class requirements: Jazz Technique, Jazz / Lyrical / Contemporary / Modern choreography and RAD Ballet. Optional classes include Ballet choreography, Pointe, Tap, Stage, Hip Hop and Acro.

COMPANY: ages approximately 15-18 years: Minimum class requirements: Jazz Technique, Jazz / Lyrical / Modern Choreography and Ballet. Optional classes include Pointe, Stage, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Acro.


All of our Choreography classes, which are specific for each group as stated above, will be put into competition. These include  Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Stage, Hip Hop, Tap, and where applicable Contemporary and Acro. At the Apprentice and Company level, dancers can be  invited to participate in the creation of a Ballet number for competition.

For groups Pre - Apprentice and lower we choose to reserve our ballet classes to focus on the continued task of building a strong technical ballet base for our dancers. As our dancers compete in all other genres, we feel it is important to maintain their ballet classes for training. As the year gets closer to Spring classes shift in one of the students ballet classes each week to a choreography group number set for Recital. This allows the dancers to showcase the improvement in their ballet training.


It is important that students and parents understand clearly the demands and expectations of being in a Competitive Training Program.


Spiral Dance competes in 3 private competitions per dance season. Company and Apprentice compete in one additional local competition. Solos, Duos and Trios may have the option to participate in additional competitions. We travel every or every other year. We also participate in Dance Conventions. These are optional, however if you are able to participate they are very inspirational. Information about upcoming conventions and professional dance performances will be found in our monthly emails. Aside from competitions, the students can expect many other performing opportunities within the community, for example Special Fundraising Gala’s, Youth Showcases, Hospital and Senior Performances, and Sporting Events.


A non-refundable $65.00 costume deposit is required for each competitive dance.  Costumes for each group number can range from $100.00 to $150.00.  The amount owing will include the cost minus your deposit. 


Spiral Dance has a parent run Fundraising Committee who host a variety of fund raising events. These events are geared to assist with off setting costume fees, as well to build the Scholarship account. Scholarships are presented at each Year End Recital in honour of individuals who either rose above and beyond in their growth, and leadership skills. It is a prestigious honour to be nominated. Parents interested in assisting with the Fundraising Committee are encouraged to let the office know. Many hands make light work! As well, our parent committee is filled with fun, energetic and enthusiastic parents. Your fundraising idea’s are always welcomed.

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